Apr 22, 2015


Es el parque más cerca de mi casa.. siguiendo la calle que subiendo un poquito, luego bajando, se derrama al final en el verde. Me gusta mi calle soleada y sin tráfico.. y como un poco pueblerina..
El Ostpark tiene una planicie muy grande con estanque, y al principio un pequeñito jardín más frondoso y vallado, como botánico, sin pretensión, con un riachuelo sinuoso discurriendo entre pinos, alisos y abedules..

Ostpark is the park more next to my place.. just following the street, upwards and then downwards, spilling at the end in the green. I like my sunny and traffic-free street, like a bit provincial.
The Ostpark has a big green field with a pond, but at the beginning it has also a leafy and fenced little garden, like a botanical garden without ambitions, with a stream flowing between pines, birches and alder trees.

Apr 16, 2015


en Langener Waldsee, 
un lago a una hora en bici al Sur de Frankfurt (aproximadamente y si no te pierdes por el camino, como nos pasó unas cuantas veces). Había un evento organizado por Gobetrotter de deportes al aire libre y podías probar kayaks, canoas, botes de vela, etc..  Hizo un día espléndido. El lago es vasto, con una gran playa de arena y aguas limpias.. y un poco muertas. Pues es un lago artificial, con una fábrica arenera o qué se yo al horizonte...  remamos hasta una plataforma flotante cercana. Yo juraba ver mejillones y percebes agarrados en el bajo.. y quisquillas revoloteando pero no... ni un pez vi... ni un renacuajo.. y echaba de menos el olor a salitre... y en fin, el mar.

Apr 14, 2015

Magnolias 2015

Yes, another year..  Did you already see those at your place? Do it quickly, they are so beautiful and blooming is nearly over!

Apr 13, 2015

Lohrberg in Seckbach

last Sunday I was wandering with my bike just around, trying to know better the area where I am now living. I went further and further, and crossed under the highway to reach the other side, where Seckbach is. An old, carefully maintened village very close to Frankfurt. I climbed up (not so easy with bike) to the top of a hill, the Lohrberg park. Up there you could see the whole Frankfurt city skyline... though it was not that what I drew, but the fields skyline and the kind sheeps down in the valley...

Apr 7, 2015

Winter end

Final del Invierno. Todavía frío, un domingo por la tarde, en el parque vecino que ya alguna vez dibujé. Los domingos de invierno están cargados de melancolía y tedio. Y para no sumergirme en ellos salgo a caminar, a encontrar los últimos rayos de luz que son el consuelo y el mañana.
Y por fin se alargan los días y calienta el sol..

Female Nude N.5 - 10/09/14

You can see all my other nude drawings /HERE/
"Female Nude N.5 - 10/09/14"
Pencil & Watercolor on Canson paper, 200gr/m2
 Size A3 (16.5" x 11.5", 42 x 29.7 cm)

/You can buy the ORIGINAL here/

Mar 27, 2015

Female Nude N.4 - 10/09/14

You can see all my other nude drawings /HERE/
"Female Nude N.4 - 10/09/14"
Pencil on Canson paper, 200gr/m2
 Size A3 (16.5" x 11.5", 42 x 29.7 cm)

/You can buy the ORIGINAL here/

Mar 22, 2015

Female Nude N.3 - 10/09/14

You can see all my other nude drawings /HERE/
"Female Nude N.3 - 10/09/14"
Watercolor on Canson paper, 200gr/m2
 Size A3 (16.5" x 11.5", 42 x 29.7 cm)

/You can buy the ORIGINAL here/
I have still loads and loads of nude drawings and watercolors from 2014. And already some of 2015!  ;) I will bring them to you as soon as I can! Have a nice Sunday evening.

Mar 15, 2015

Some pics of the exhibition "Movimientos -Bewegungen"

Two weeks ago I was back in Berlin to prepare my exhibition "Movimientos".  I was glad to be back in Berlin, and sad of being back for such a short time...
But we did it! We framed the pictures and hung them all the day before Opening! Thanks for the help to Bastian, to Nouria, Veronika, Michael, Lothar, and all the great people and artists working in "Studio Bildende Kunst", from Kulturring in Lichtenberg.

The exhibition is still running until April, so you can still visiting it..... and those who didn´t come to Opening, I am waiting for you in the Finissage, on Thursday the 2th April, at 19.00!  Don't forget!! :)

Feb 26, 2015


Is the name of my upcomming Exhibition in Berlin, from.. TODAY! 26th February, until the 2th April.
Studio Bildende Kunst (Villa Skupin)
John-Sieg-Str. 13
10365 Berlin
(S, U Frankfurter Allee)

It is a mixture of "live" drawings, what for me MOVEMENT can mean:
 unfinished works, still breathing process,
 works made outdoors while light is changing
 or abstract works which deal is to create some forces
 or movement on the paper...

The house is warm and sweet. An old, squared, jugendstil Villa. Dark red briks outside, many wood inside, beautiful parkets and ornamented ceilings.
And it is inside a strange, East German, platenbau collective living.. A big contrast that also creates forces and movement.
I am sorry for anouncing this so late and short term, but I am having a horrible, too busy time since new year! I just moved again and still have no Internet at home! *~*

Feb 5, 2015

Südflügel Bethanien

ist etwas Besonderes..
Hier eine alte Aquarell Zeichnung, in Frühling, oh Frühling!, weil die Kirschbäume geblüht waren...
etwa 2 Jahre her ... als ich noch in Berlin wohnte, und mich jeden Tag um meine Zukunft Sorgen machte, und mit meinem süßen, kaputten, türkisblauen Fahrrad jeden Tag durch Kreuzberg und Neukölln um herum streifte.. Mir scheint es nun eine Ewigkeit her, aber Berlin bringe ich ins Herz.

Jan 25, 2015

Zwischen Bäumen, Steinen und Leichen.

Neuer Jüdischer Friedhof, or The new Jewish graveyard is quite near from where I now live in Frankfurt (I have moved here in December).
It is a vast graveyard dating from 1928 and bordering with the main Frankfurter graveyard. So the whole is as big as a village. A quiet village with main, straight paths and little, thin paths arranging the fields of graves. Sometimes the tombs look arbitrary and evasive the one over the other, making a composition in time and preponderance, mixing with the nature and simulating something hazardous, romantic or wild.. Some other fields are cartesian grids, squared and disciplined like an army of dead bodies still obeying someone..

El Nuevo Cementerio Judío está bastante cerca de donde vivo, en Frankfurt (a donde me mudé en Diciembre). Aproveché uno de los pocos días radiantes y soleados de este Invierno para pasear y dibujar allí.
Es un cementerio inmenso que data de 1928 y linda con el cementerio principal de Frankfurt. El conjunto es enorme, como un pueblo callado con anchos caminos principales y senderos delgaditos que dividen los campos de tumbas. A veces las lápidas se agrupan caprichosamente, yuxtaponiéndose las unas sobre las otras según el tiempo y la preponderancia. La naturaleza se intercala entre las piedras y los muertos, dando lugar a composiciones silvestres y románticas. Otros campos están cartesianamente ordenados, las lápidas son todas iguales, alineadas, equidistantes y rígidas, contraponiéndose a la evolución y decadencia natural del lugar. Como un ejército de muertos obedeciendo aún y siempre a alguien..